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Myanmar Update - PSM

Dear PSM Supporters,

Thank you for your support and prayers for our school. You will probably have seen a lot of news regarding the current situation here. I would like to inform you that all PSM staff and students are safe and well and that we are currently monitoring the situation.

Internet connection has improved significantly today, Tuesday the 2nd of February, and we will be able to continue our online classes tomorrow.

The recent changes have been a great shock and disappointment to our teachers and in fact to the whole country of Myanmar. Many are in disbelief and feel uncertainty about the future. One teacher expressed that, "We are not Ok. We are really sad about this situation. It destroys all our hope. The way we are feeling is like a funeral, we feel it very personally. We do not have freedom and fear is in our minds".

And yet, our teachers are dedicated to their work and their students. They have a strong faith and trust in God. They know that their hope is in Him. "The Lord is my solid rock, my fortress and my deliverer. My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge." Psalm 18:2

We greatly appreciate your prayers and love for Myanmar as a nation and for our Promise School Community.

With warm regards,

Tr S.

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