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Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful people. 

The people of Nepal are close to our hearts. We have been there for many years now and have a deep appreciation and love for the people and their culture. The nations beauty however hides some very serious problems that bring significant challenges to those living below the poverty line. The Badi are part of a group (or class) of people referred to as 'untouchable' these people are extremely impoverished. It has been a part of Nepali culture for these people to be used for labour with many youngsters taken against their will into a life of slavery.

Since working in Nepal we have seen and heard horrendous stories, but have also seen amazing stories of transformation and restoration. There have been many ups and downs with our work in Nepal, with government legislation changing on a semi-regular basis in regards to what is permissible combined with the constant task of raising funds to allow the development of programs.  

Our priority to educate and train these young people sees us also involved with preventing trafficking and the rescue of young lives. Teaching leaders, pastors and offering vocational initiatives to young people is as rewarding as it is challenging. We know God has been gracious, and we believe we are following His leading in serving the people of Nepal. 

We have been involved with work in Myanmar since 2014, and God has opened doors in regard to the rescue of abused girls and young ladies and help for widows. This has created opportunities for employment and self sustainability.

One of our main focuses is education and the Promise International School has had a solid start.

As with many developing countries, education is a key part of that development. The school is set up to give learning opportunities to young people through sponsorship, who could otherwise never make that a reality. 

"PROMISE  is a co-educational day school which provides quality, contemporary, family-focussed, faith-based schooling under an international curriculum. PROMISE operates with a learner-centred, enquiry-based approach to learning. We aim to develop life-long learners, equipped to be effective global citizens with a deep respect for self, others and the environment."


Our growing 'group' of schools have transitioned to become Covenant Schools and work in partnership to deliver quality educational opportunities to the needy, the orphaned and the wider community.

We can see many great opportunities breaking on the horizon and look forward to work that is in front of us. 


Mae Sot Thailand




A school dedicated to meeting the educational needs of displaced Burmese students opened in Mae Sot in August 2022.
We have already outgrown the current facilities and are raising funds to erect a purpose built facility to serve the refugee school and university students in our care.

The land has been purchased and plans are being drafted and engineer approved ready for the next stages.
Fundraising and works continue on this exciting progression.

Watch for more from Crossroad School Mae Sot! 

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