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A brief history of Transform the Nations

In 2009, Educate Nepal began as an outreach from Christian Community Ministries, Australia. The Vision of Educate Nepal was to set up a school in Kathmandu Valley, which would become a base to assist in the training of teachers and the development of faith-based schools across Nepal. During 2010, while training teachers, we became aware of the plight of the Badi women and girls and engaged in a sponsorship program to set up hostels to protect and educate as many girls as we could raise sponsorship for. In 2011 Transform the Nations Ltd., Trading as ‘Educate Nepal’, was established to take over the responsibility of this work in Nepal with a new Board.

During 2012 in partnership with Nepalese NGO’s we set up a rescue work, a halfway house with vocational training of trafficked and impoverished women. 

Transform the Nations continues to work for the good of abused women and children in Nepal and to provide effective teaching, learning initiatives and training opportunities through the development of schools and training programs.

In November 2012, TtN received an invitation to assist in the development of private schools in Myanmar. Since that time we have engaged in the training of teachers and the development of schools, with the vision to establish a system of private schools and training centres across this nation. 'Promise', an International school, established in August 2016, gained Cambridge accreditation early in 2017.

During 2023 our schools in Myanmar transitioned to become Covenant Schools. 

With a continuing interest in the care of women and children, TtN is partnering with different organisations who provide housing, training and transition to work opportunities for abused or abandoned girls and women, and for widows and single mothers.

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