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Sponsorship is life changing, and in some cases, life saving.  

The backgrounds and lifestyles of so many children in developing countries are worse than what we let ourselves consider.  If you see these young lives balancing on an edge, you can't help but jump and grab them, doing what you can to make things better.

We see sponsorship as a way in which we can be a part of changing the direction of these young lives, so the things that are in their past can remain there and not continue on to be their future as well. 


When a child is sponsored, their daily needs are provided through meals, clothing and a place to stay.  Often they stay with other children, who become sisters or brothers to them.  They share a journey they never thought was possible.  As sponsors, we are able to share in that journey too, seeing photos and sharing messages or letters with them.

By going to school, they are given an opportunity to learn and grow.  The children are so thankful for this as it helps them see a way out.  

For older young people who are past school age, there is vocational training, and opportunities for further learning.

As a Christian organisation, we want to share God's love and we hope that by receiving this gift, they will come to understand the truth of God's gift of Salvation.  


Through education and vocational training they can begin to dream of things they would like to do with their lives.

So many of of the children and young people want to take what they have learned and use it to help others.  They want to build up their families and communities and they have a great love for their country.  

The possibilities of what the future holds for their individual lives, and the benefit that will follow for their communities, is so exciting.  

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