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Myanmar Update - PAIS

Dear Promise Post Readers,

This is an update about the situation in Myanmar which you might well have read about or seen on the news.

There had been talk of a possible military coup for days leading up to the opening of the newly elected national parliament on 1 February. The National League for Democracy was re-elected with a large majority. The losing pro- military party disputed the outcome, and this seems to have led to yesterday’s events. The military denied any such plan so it came as a shock when rumour became a reality.

We had frequent contact with our co- workers during the day yesterday. They reported barbed wire barricades, soldiers and military hardware in the streets. The Embassy warned of potential for unrest and violence. The internet has been shut down - along with the phone networks. Banks and businesses closed, and the school premises were off- limits. A curfew has been imposed. Some who contacted us yesterday while it was still possible were distressed and fearful.

This further disruption to life (and schooling) is all so sad coming as it does as the tide was seemingly starting to turn in the fight to control the pandemic. That was bad enough - now this new challenge.

Please pray for peace and stability to return, for life to return to a semblance of normality and for righteousness and justice to prevail.

We do not think that our people there face threats to their physical safety at this stage. The Lord knows how to look after his own. But the double-whammy of this - on top of the pandemic is frustrating and bewildering. We especially feel for the nation’s ordinary people- the younger generation especially who now 'eye off 'confusion and uncertainty.

But we can at least pray and support the Lord's work and His people there. Please do.

Warmly in His Service,

David and Stacie

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