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Mae Sot Promise School

They say that the greatest victims of war are the children. This has never been truer than in Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma, this picturesque country,

tucked between China, Thailand, and India, has a long history of suffering. Ethnic based conflicts for self-determination have plagued the Burmese people since its independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. It is the world’s longest on-going civil war.

Can you imagine the affect this has had on children who have had to flee for their lives for over seven decades? They have lost their families, villages, cultural continuity, future hopes, and sense of belonging.

Myanmar has many young refugees scattered across neighbouring nations, Transform the Nations (TtN) is one Christian organisation navigating the challenge of restoring hope to these peoples, specifically hope through quality Christian education and training initiatives.

TtN workers David and Stacey Coates are currently in Mae Sot on the Thai, Burmese border establishing a new school for refugee children from Myanmar.

The outworking of this vision has been complex and will continue with challenges for some time. However, it is a life and culture changing blessing for the children who have been prevented from furthering or even beginning their education. One complexity for example, was securing a suitable property on which to commence the school. The political and logistical hoops were tight and yet through strategic perseverance a site was organised with building development underway and an opening date set for this month (August 2022).

The relationships developed with local authorities are crucial in garnishing trust and gaining permissions, but the outcomes have been miraculous as the Mae Sot school is now able to offer three kinds of education.

Firstly, a General Education Diploma (GED) which prepares students for Thai University entrance exams.

Secondly, English as a Second Language which helps students complete the GED program and thirdly an International Learning Centre, all this while pursuing International School registration.

The centre of Mae Sot is ten minutes from the school site which by Australian standards is convenient. But with no public transport available, it’s challenging to safely transport children and staff to the school, as well as supplying on-site staff with food and everyday provisions. This is just one obstacle yet to be met with a miracle.

The rescue and restoration of children is at the heart of TtN’s work (achieved already in Nepal and via the network of Promise Schools in Myanmar) through Christ centred education and training opportunities.

The history of Myanmar has left its children abandoned and displaced, yet on the grounds of the new Mae Sot school, Myanmar’s workforce and future leaders will emerge from new shoots in their culture and society.

New shoots alive with grace and kingdom values and we trust, with civil war no longer looming large.



To allow us to ferry children to school and to allow us to provide for our onsite staff we require a vehicle. The vehicle pictured has been found after 2 months praying and searching and can be purchased for $16000AUD.

It has additional seating and roof luggage carrying capacity that makes it ideal for our need.

If you are interested in assisting us to provide this vehicle for the school please let me know,

Donations to Transform the Nations are Tax Deductible.

Thank you,

Grahame Kerr and the TtN team.

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