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Jones and Co. - A small business with a BIG heart.

The management and team at Jones and Co. Hair Salon invited TtN into their business premises to share the story of the ministry. At the presentation they included their marketing team. After hearing of the plight of those TtN serves they came back to us with a wonderful offer of fiscal assistance drawn from each hairstyle that they do. On top of this they share a little to each interested client, display TtN promotional materials and offer an opportunity for clients to donate on top of the built in support.

When businesses get on board like this they are actively helping TtN to bring new futures with amazing positive opportunities for otherwise overlooked impoverished peoples. This is indeed a small business with a big heart!

Thank you Kaleena and the Jones and Co.Hair Salon team. visit Jones and Co. Hair Salon to book your next style.

Contact us to find out how your business might hear the story and get involved.

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