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  • Josh Kerr

Hostels = happy homes.

An investment in the future.

Our hostels become a second home for those in our care so upgrading domestic kitchens, bathrooms and water closets to suit commercial application are a priority to achieve this.

Catering for hungry mouths, study nooks, homework centres, games and play areas are all considerations that need careful planning and funding.

The hostels become an environment where the children can blossom in safety that becomes a haven of playful chatter; a place where childhood memories are happy, pleasant and empowering. To kick start the transition of these buildings we are looking to raise $25k for the refurbishment of each hostel.

Our vision.

Our vision for our hostels is to create a safe environment, to provide the girls with sustainable accommodation, to empower our girls to do well in education, and to provide them with a home where they can know joy and peace; where they can flourish and achieve their goals.


We are asking you to consider partnering with us financially to help us raise the money for the rent and refurbishment, or the outright purchase of each hostel. The more hostels we equip, the more young lives we can impact.

Follow this link for a quick and easy way to Donate.

Thank you.

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